English Health

This course enables participants to learn the basic vocabulary related to being human, the body and the psyche, health, health care etc.. and to speak and written order to follow more easily the auxiliary during PFM Life.

Topics covered :

  • Biomechanics body
  • parts of the human body
  • major internal organs
  • the main functions of the body
  • changes associated with age
  • body care
  • clothing, personal care products, jewelry and personal aids (glasses, dentures, cane etc..)
  • housing: furniture and decorative objects, infrastructure of home care and/or a home, furnishing a room in a nursing home and / or home
  • food and drinks
  • eating habits in Morocco and Europe
  • the course of a typical day
  • entertainment
  • five senses
  • feelings, sensitivity, pain
  • needs bio-psycho-social
  • social values - personal responsibility


    The date, duration and course fee upon request.
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